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Postpartum Essentials Bundle

3 Lessons Easy

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$79 Three Video Module Course. Step-by-step guide to optimize healing while you work through the top 3 postpartum recovery barriers. Incontinence. Sex. Exercise. Printable handouts included with each video module. 

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3 Module Bundle

All Things Incontinence

Although the creators of feminine products want women to believe that incontinence is a mom’s fate, there are many ways to improve pelvic floor strength and coordination to stop both urge and stress urinary incontinence. Work through the step-by-step training to stop peeing your pants once and for all.

3 Module Bundle

Postpartum Exercise

Returning to exercise can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when complicated by busy schedules, new scars and unfamiliar pain. Learn about the warning signs to look for and work through the gradual exercise progression starting week 1 that will safely get you back to the fitness programs that you enjoy.

3 Module Bundle

Sex After Baby

Women are faced with lots of physical and emotional barriers when returning to sexual intercourse after giving birth. Learn how to identify these barriers and work through some of the most common challenges such as pelvic pain, vaginal dryness, incontinence, back and SI joint pain, and postpartum depression.