Welcome to Mamas & Misses Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy! 

We're so glad you’re considering pelvic floor physical therapy! We offer mamas like you holistic education and tools to decrease pelvic floor pain, optimize bowel and bladder function, enhance the prenatal and childbirth experience, return to running and lifting postpartum, and improve overall wellness. 

Custom Programs

Let us create a personalized exercise program for you.  We connect virtually with 1-on-1 calls, daily video exercises, and 24/7 access to Dr. Nicole for questions and concerns. 

Postpartum Guide

Week-by-week holistic guide (PDF) that nourishes newly postpartum moms. Offers ways to feel replenished, rested, strong, fueled with quality nutrients, & experience joy within motherhood.

Physical Therapy

Interested in pelvic floor rehabilitation, but paying a sitter or bringing your kiddos to a physical therapy appointment stresses you out?  Don't worry, we offer in-home pelvic floor physical therapy.

"This is great, thank you so much! Truly, this has been a very difficult year and I CAN NOT imagine where I would be without your help, hope and direction."

 Postpartum Mom of 4

"My favorite Christmas present was running 2.5 miles and NOT PEEING MYSELF, first time since baby boy was born, I am so happy!"

-Postpartum Mom of 2

"I've been doing the exercises you gave me and the pressure points when necessary and I'm happy to report that I've had ZERO pain. You are a miracle worker!"

- Mom Expecting Baby #3 

Welcome Mama! I wanted to share a little about my experience as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist before we embark on this journey together.  I've been working in Physical Therapy for the past 12 years. My training includes an Associates, Bachelors and finally a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University. I'm CAPP-Obstetric certified through the American Physical Therapy Association and have specialized training in internal pelvic floor exams and visceral mobilization. I'm the creator of the "Doctor Nicole" YouTube Channel and have a mission of empowering women with access to holistic education during their pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery.

- Dr. Nicole Bringer, DPT

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