Empower Your Pregnancy

Get empowered to prepare & protect your body during pregnancy and birth.

Dr. Nicole Bringer, DPT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

& Class Instructor

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Investment: $97

Description: This four week 1.5 hour class will support & empower you during pregnancy so you can:

+Exercise safely and confidently during pregnancy.

+Detect and prevent diastasis recti (abdominal separation) during pregnancy.

+Get rid of your pregnancy aches and pains with strengthening & stretching recommendations.

+Prevent perineal tearing and trauma during your delivery.

+Learn the safest labor positions to deliver in.

+Decide whether or not to utilize an epidural.

+Feel confident that you have a supportive birth team assembled.

+Employ strategies that will lower your risk for cesarean delivery.

Pregnancy and birth are about more than survival. Let's start THRIVING!!

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About Dr. Nicole

I'm a pelvic floor trained physical therapist with additional certification in obstetric care. I approach my clients with a holistic, yet realistic model of care. 

Often moms feel stuck with whatever hand they were dealt during their pregnancy, deliveries, and postpartum journeys.  The truth is that we have lots of choices and our decisions shape our experiences. 

I'm here to journey with moms. To empower them and guide them as they thrive during motherhood.

Stop Settling for Survival.

Let’s Start Thriving!