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Prevent perineal tearing at your birth by:

  • Using the most effective pushing techniques during your birth.
  • Birthing in positions that will reduce your risk of perineal tears.
  • Ditching providers that won't protect your perineum.
Mama's Protected Perineum Program on computer and phones

Mama's Perineal Protection Program is the at-home program that protects your perineum from tearing by combining evidence based ways to push with effective birth prep exercises. 

Keep your perineum from tearing and speed up your postpartum recovery. 

Skip Postpartum Suffering By Protecting Your Perineum

Is the fear of tearing your perineum ruining your pregnancy?

Fear and anxiety about tearing your perineum can put a big damper on your pregnancy. Use the  checklist provided in this program to keep your perineum protected and enjoy  your pregnancy.

85% of women tear during vaginal births, will you?

Beat the odds using the evidence based techniques found in this program. Not all women tear. The secret to their success will be revealed in this program. 

Are you scared your vagina and vulva won't be the same after birth?

Having your perineum tear or be cut during a vaginal birth is scary. Learn evidence based ways to push and deliver your baby to minimize your risk of tearing. 

Horror stories have you grimacing?

60% of women have pain with intercourse postpartum. 55% experience moderate or severe pain after leaving the hospital. 11% report getting postpartum infections. Use the strategies in this program to skip the horror stories and go straight to the baby snuggles. 

Whether you're holding a pregnancy test in your hand or you're due any day, this program can protect YOUR perineum. 

Mama's Perineal Protection Program

Introducing Mama's Perineal Protection Program

Dr. Nicole Bringer's Evidence Based Program for Protecting the Perineum during childbirth.  It combines research based methods with years of clinical experience. This at home program empowers mamas to protect their pregnant bodies and enter postpartum with less pain and more joy. 

From the perspective of a chiropractor, this class has a ton of valuable content! The ideas for having a healthy and successful pregnancy and birth have been so helpful to me. I have already recommended this class to many of my patients and friends.

First time mom

Thank you so much! The class taught me a plethora of great tips and information I may not have learned otherwise. So glad to have met you Nicole. I learned so much about my body and how it’s working during pregnancy as well as how to advocate for myself during birth. Would highly recommend new moms or even not so new moms to take this course.

mom Expecting Baby #2

Hi, I'm Dr. Nicole

I’m very familiar with feeling pain instead of joy because of trauma to my perineum during a vaginal delivery.

Most people know me as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist sharing motherhood tips on my YouTube channel, Doctor Nicole. But I haven’t always had all the answers.

After the birth of my first son my body was a mess. Because of an unexpected episiotomy, I couldn’t sit on regular chairs for weeks and intercourse was downright impossible. Add on a giant pregnant belly that had turned into diastasis recti postpartum, and you’ve got yourself a hot mess.


I know what it’s like to feel mom-guilt. I’m supposed to enjoy being a new mom, BUT all I can think about is how I may never have an orgasm again.


Fast forward 5 years and I’m blessed to be running around the beach with my 3 boys and enjoying my time in the bedroom more than ever before. I’m proof that your body doesn’t have to stay broken after having babies.


Over the past 5 years, I have worked with hundreds of in-person clients to reclaim their postpartum bodies and now women around the world are delivering their babies with confidence knowing they've done everything they can to protect their perineum...

Discovering the secret to abandoning fear and experiencing confidence during their birth!

Dr. Nicole and little boy
Dr. Nicole

Here Are The Benefits You Can Expect

Stress Relief

Worried that your perineal stretching  exercises won't actually keep you from tearing? You're right! may not. Add effective pushing techniques and practicing birth positions  to your daily homework to make sure you're doing everything possible to prevent a tear.

Save Time and Money

Are you spending hours on Pinterest trying to figure out how to save your vagina from a disastrous tear. Stop wasting time. Keep it simple with Mama's Perineal Protection Program by practicing proven strategies that will minimize your risk of tearing during your upcoming birth. 

Find Your People

Did you know that the doctor that delivers your baby may actually cause you to tear during your birth??? Use this program to identify whether or not your provider is putting your perineum at risk!

Experience Postpartum Joy

Enjoy sex, exercise, and baby snuggles postpartum instead of pain and infections. Damage to your perineum during your birth could keep you from experiencing the true joy of motherhood. The strategies you learn in this program will protect your perineum from unnecessary trauma. 

Connect With Your Pelvic Floor

Your perineum is part of your pelvic floor. Connecting to your pelvic floor with breathing exercises before you have your baby will protect your perineum from tearing while you push. 

Holistic Support

No pills or expensive gadgets needed. This program offers natural remedies to prevent tearing that you can practice from the comfort of your own home.  There are no quick fixes after you tear your perineum, but there are simple and natural ways to PREVENT those tears from ever happening. 

What Will You Receive?

Today you will receive instant access to:


Mama's Perineal Protection Program Videos 
  • 35 minute video workshop learning about the perineum and proven ways to prevent trauma to that area during your upcoming vaginal birth.
  • Model demonstration of performing a perineal massage. 
  • The most effective ways to prevent tearing including preferred birth positions and picking the best providers.
  • Secret pushing techniques that pelvic floor physical therapists teach to prevent your perineum from tearing.


The Birth Position Guide
  • Pictures and descriptions of the birth positions you can use during your vaginal delivery to protect your perineum.
  • Bring it to your birth for quick and easy access.


Perineum Friendly Provider Checklist
  • Simple questions to ask your current OBGYN or midwife to make sure they plan to protect you from tearing during your upcoming birth. 


Quick Guide To Perineal Massage
  • Pictures and descriptions of how-to perform perineal massage.
  • Recommendations for how long and how often to perform the massage.


Preventing Perineal Trauma Checklist
  • Printable checklist to remind you of the things you can do during your birth to prevent tearing. Throw it in your hospital bag and take it with you. 


PLUS Two Special Bonus Gifts Today Only
  • Diastasis Recti Prevention Program video to prevent looking pregnant postpartum.
  • Pelvic Floor Prep Program to avoid postpartum incontinence and prolapse.



SPECIAL Bonus #1
$29 Value

100% of women will experience abdominal separation or diastasis recti during their pregnancy. Learn how safe core strengthening exercises can reduce the severity of your diastasis recti. 

This program includes diastasis recti safe exercises that will both strengthen your core and reduce the severity of your abdominal separation during your pregnancy. 

special bonus #2
Pelvic Floor Prep Program
$29 Value

Reduce your risk of urinary incontinence, prolapse and birth complications with Pelvic Floor Prep. These pelvic floor strengthening AND relaxation exercises are pregnancy-safe and will improve the tone and function of your pelvic floor muscles.


Identify which type of pelvic floor you have in this video. Then learn and practice exercises specific to your pelvic floor type that you can focus on during your pregnancy. Improved pelvic floor connection means a smoother delivery.

Pelvic Floor Prep Program

You'll get these special bonuses 100% free when you order today. 

So go ahead and claim your spot in the Mama's Perineal Protection Program.

But before you do, I want to reassure you...

You will go into your birth feeling confident knowing that you did everything possible to protect your perineum from tearing,

and if you don't I will insist on giving you 100% of your money back. 

When I created this program I was on a mission...

I wanted YOU to have an affordable program that would give you access to the trauma free birth that I have now experienced.

Mama's Perineal Protection

Mama's Protected Perineum Program on computer and phones
Stream or Download on Any Device

$99 $47Today Only


60 Day Full Refund Guarantee

If, for any reason, you aren't happy with your purchase, contact us and we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Plus you get to keep the program.  Trying our program is risk-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mama's Perineal Protection

Mama's Protected Perineum Program on computer and phones
Stream or Download on Any Device

$99 $47Today Only

I know you're going to be so excited about all of the ways you can protect your perineum during your baby's birth. Sharing life-changing information with expecting moms is the reason I became a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, and I can't wait to hear about how this program impacts your birth experience. So go ahead and click the button above and join me in experiencing the pain-free and joy-filled postpartum that you deserve. 


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