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Do you live too far away to set-up an in-person physical therapy appointment? Great news, we offer virtual physical therapy consultations, create online personalized home exercise programs, empower through video and PDF guides, and offer live virtual birth prep classes.  Although in person conversations and hands on assessment and treatment are ideal, sometimes that isn’t feasible.  In that situation, we’re still happy to offer strategies and education to make motherhood the exciting and joyful experience that it’s meant to be! Check out some of those options below.

1 Month Personalized Postpartum Support Program

  • Intake Results Analyzed by Dr. Nicole (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist)
  • 1 Month Personalized Home Program Made Specifically For YOU!
  • Exclusive Access to Video Exercise Demonstrations
  • Money back guarantee if you don't see progress with your program
  •  Start your personalized program this week for $147

Nourished Mama's Guide to Postpartum

  • This week-by-week holistic guide nourishes newly postpartum moms. We offer ways to feel replenished, rested, strong, fueled with quality nutrients, and experience joy throughout early motherhood.
  • 6 Week Postpartum Exercise Program included
  • Remedies for postpartum hormone imbalance.
  • Recipes to support depleted nutrients.
  • Care tips for incisions, tears, breastfeeding, & emotional health.
  • Legit postpartum sex-talk (including libido, pain, pregnancy prevention, lube & more)
  • The "Postpartum Prep" section, makes this guide perfect for expecting moms. However, if you've already had your baby and you're still in the first 6 months postpartum, you could easily jump in and find tons of value!
  • Created by Dr. Nicole (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist) and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and nurse, Leisha Drews.
  • Start preparing for a nourished postpartum today!

Virtual Physical Therapy Consultations

  • 60 minute video consultation with Dr. Nicole Bringer, DPT
  • Intake Results Analyzed by Dr. Nicole (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist)
  • Become empowered and confident in you and your body's ability to reach your goals!
  • Expect to receive education, exercises, pain relief, and next steps during your consultation
  • Start reaching your health and wellness goals for $99

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