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Is Postpartum What You Expected

Visions of the first few months spent with our newborns typically include warm baby snuggles; long, relaxing stroller naps, and intimate moments breastfeeding. 

However, most moms in the thick of postpartum recovery would tell you that they’re frustrated with trying to get their baby to latch or eat and feedings are extremely painful because of cracked and bleeding nipples. Some find themselves peeing when they sneeze, laugh, or exercise. Many moms experience pelvic pain that intensifies with each attempt to exercise or have intercourse with their partner.

These struggles often occur in mamas with “normal” vaginal deliveries without any complications at all. Did anybody prepare you for all of that? What about the moms that end up having a major surgery and delivering their babies via cesareans or those with perineal tearing or episiotomies that end up with stitches and scar tissue?

Why Can't I "Bounce Back"

Most women are under the impression that with time they will “bounce back” to the life they had before they gave birth. Unfortunately, many don’t know when or where to start with returning to exercise because they are given minimal guidance by their provider. They dread having bowel movements because they’ve become so painful. Between sleep deprivation and the inability to have intercourse, intimacy with their partner is suffering. They feel betrayed by their bladder while making frequent trips to the bathroom, if they even make it at all.

It’s safe to say that physical recovery after giving birth entails much more work than is implied when we refer to moms as “bouncing back”. If you want to enjoy every snuggle, every walk, every midnight feeding, you are going to need some guidance during your postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Recovery Online Course

This online course is perfect for expecting first time moms as well as mamas that want things to be different this time around. With on-demand access, you will learn ways to retrain
your bladder and pelvic floor so you don’t have to worry about peeing your pants anymore. Receive step-by-step guidance on postpartum exercise including where to start and how to progress. You’re provided with strategies to decrease pelvic pain so you can engage in enjoyable sex again. Lifetime access allows you to learn new ways to feed each unique child while decreasing pain for those that choose to pursue breastfeeding. And as a bonus to all of that, you can pick Dr. Nicole's brain during a 30 minute Phone or Video consultation. You will also have access to extra videos specifically for those of you recovering from diastasis recti, cesarean deliveries, and perineal trauma.

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What Exactly Does This Course Include:

Purchasing this course will give you immediate online access to a course introduction along with six video lessons with each focusing on its own specific piece of postpartum recovery. The unique design of this course gives you the option to watch each 30-45 minute video in order or to skip around to the videos that you need the most right now. Included with each lesson are links to the resources referenced in the videos as well as any printable handouts that compliment the video material. Each lesson will provide you with the information and skills you need to successfully navigate through the obstacles of postpartum recovery.  But what if you still have questions? Ask Dr. Nicole all of your remaining questions during a 30 minute phone or video consultation after purchasing the course.


Watch the course at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home.


Ask your partner to watch lessons with you to better understand and assist with your


Talk through specific questions with Dr. Nicole during the 30 minute phone or video consultation included when you purchase this course. 


Affordable one time fee for several hours of information and training from a Licensed Physical Therapist that specializes in women’s pelvic health and obstetrics.

What’s in the course?


Lesson 1: Introductions

Basic overview of the course and meet your instructor!


Lesson 2: Postpartum Bowel Movements

If you’re worried about pain or developing hemorrhoids as a result of constipation or straining with bowel movements, this lesson is a must. Included are the most effective positions to have bowel movements, ways to avoid straining, remedies for prevention and treatment of constipation, and treatment options for those dealing with hemorrhoids.


Lesson 3: Breastfeeding

Despite breastfeeding being such a healthy and natural way to nourish our babies, it can be filled with lots of challenges. This lesson will explain and demonstrate multiple breastfeeding positions, offer remedies for painful, cracked and bleeding nipples, provide helpful suggestions for moms planning to pump, and educate on signs and remedies for mastitis.


Lesson 4: How To Move Safely Postpartum

Weak and recovering bodies can be very susceptible to injuries. Look to this lesson about body mechanics for ways to protect yourself with everyday tasks that moms find themselves doing over and over again throughout the day.


Lesson 5: All Things Incontinence

Although the creators of feminine products want women to believe that incontinence is a mom’s fate, there are many ways to improve pelvic floor strength and coordination to stop both urge and stress urinary incontinence. Work through the step-by-step training to stop peeing your pants once and for all.


Lesson 6: Postpartum Exercise

Returning to exercise can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when complicated by busy schedules, new scars and unfamiliar pain. Learn about the warning signs to look for and work through the gradual exercise progression starting week 1 that will safely get you back to the fitness programs you enjoy.


Lesson 7: Sex After Baby

Women are faced with lots of physical and emotional barriers when returning to sexual intercourse after giving birth. Learn how to identify these barriers and work through some of the most common challenges such as pelvic pain, vaginal dryness, incontinence, back and SI joint pain, and postpartum depression.


Bonus Lesson : Special Considerations After Cesarean Delivery

In the United States, 33% of babies are delivered with a cesarean delivery. Often the essential parts of recovery including creating a healthy environment for healing, scar mobilization, recommended activity restrictions, and safe ways to return to exercise and sex aren’t included in our follow-up visits with our providers. This lesson covers all of these things and more.


Bonus Lesson : Perineal Tearing and Episiotomy Considerations

All perineal trauma is unique and so are the recoveries. Learn how to protect your perineum while it heals, ways to perform a scar massage, and how to strengthen your pelvic floor so you can get back to feeling like yourself.


Bonus Lesson : How To Measure Diastasis Recti

Everybody is talking about diastasis recti which might make you curious if you have one too. Learn how to do a simple self-assessment along with some basic ways to manage your abdominal separation.



Not only do you get access to 3 Bonus Videos with this course, but it also includes a 30 minute phone or video consultation, printable step-by-step guides, visuals, and links to extra resources. 

Bonus 1
30 Minute Consult

30 minute phone or video conversation with Dr. Nicole where you can ask questions and receive specific guidance about your recovery. 

Bonus 2
Printable Guides & Handouts

Step-by-step instructions walking you through key training activities discussed in the video.  Pictures of exercises and recommended positions for intercourse and breastfeeding that compliment the video material. 

Bonus 3

Links to products that are recommended in the videos as well as other helpful Instagram accounts and YouTube videos that compliment the material provided in this course. 

About The Course Instructor, 

Dr. Nicole Bringer

Dr. Nicole has been working in Physical Therapy for the past 11 years. Her training includes an Associates, Bachelors and finally her Doctorate degree from Grand Valley State University. She has specialized training in Pelvic Health and Obstetrics through the American Physical Therapy Association and is also a member of the Section on Women’s Health. She’s the creator of the Mamas and Misses YouTube Channel with a mission of advocating for all things pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery.

As a vaginal delivery postpartum survivor herself, she has personal experience with the challenges associated with episiotomies, painful sex because of scar tissue, returning to running with new weaknesses, and learning how to manage sore breasts and the other common struggles breastfeeding moms face.

Her dream for this course is to create a supportive environment where new mamas can get the answers to common questions that aren’t often addressed by their primary providers. By combining her passion for mamas along with her expertise about movement and the human body, she is just the right person to walk beside you as you walk through this postpartum adventure.

toddler kissing Mom's pregnant belly
Headshot of Dr. Nicole

Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

Have you ever utilized physical therapy for an injury? How much did your evaluation and treatment cost? Well if you’ve never personally gone to physical therapy and received a bill, the following is a real mama’s personal experience with physical therapy care received during her postpartum recovery. Included below is a picture of the actual bill from the hospital-based outpatient clinic that provided care. Each session was 60 minutes long with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Specialist and the quality of service was exceptional.

The mama’s portion of the bill after the insurance adjustment was $370.18! Using this bill, 4 hours of physical therapy services would cost $1480.72. It is true that Physical Therapists provide their services in lots of different ways including outpatient offices, within hospitals, in-home sessions, and 1 on 1 phone consults. It is also true that the cost of these services can vary greatly depending on type of insurance coverage and a therapist’s level of expertise; however, the fact remains that 4 hours worth of education and training from a Physical Therapist is quite expensive.

Postpartum Recovery CoursE 
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Step-by-step guide to optimize healing during your postpartum recovery.



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Step-by-step guide to optimize healing during your postpartum recovery.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Lessons

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Quick note from

Dr. Nicole

I created this course out of pure passion for improving the postpartum experience. You mamas pour your heart and souls into caring for your babies along with the rest of your family, but it’s a non-negotiable that you make time for yourselves during this recovery phase. When you aren’t happy and healthy, your entire family suffers. Don’t wait to invest in some much-needed self-care because YOU ARE WORTH IT!