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Postpartum Recovery

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$247 Premium 10 Module Course. Step-by-step guide to optimize healing during your postpartum recovery. 10 Videos+Handouts to compliment each lesson. 30 Minute consult included with your purchase!

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10 Module Premium Course

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Postpartum Bowel Movements

If you’re worried about pain or developing hemorrhoids as a result of constipation or straining with bowel movements, this lesson is a must. Included are the most effective positions to have bowel movements, ways to avoid straining, remedies for prevention and treatment of constipation, and treatment options for those dealing with hemorrhoids.


Despite breastfeeding being such a healthy and natural way to nourish our babies, it can be filled with lots of challenges. This lesson will explain and demonstrate multiple breastfeeding positions, offer remedies for painful, cracked and bleeding nipples, provide helpful suggestions for moms planning to pump, and educate on signs and remedies for mastitis.

How to Move Safely Postpartum

Weak and recovering bodies can be very susceptible to injuries. Look to this lesson about body mechanics for ways to protect yourself with everyday tasks that moms find themselves doing over and over again throughout the day.

All Things Incontinence

Although the creators of feminine products want women to believe that incontinence is a mom’s fate, there are many ways to improve pelvic floor strength and coordination to stop both urge and stress urinary incontinence. Work through the step-by-step training to stop peeing your pants once and for all.

Sex After Baby

Women are faced with lots of physical and emotional barriers when returning to sexual intercourse after giving birth. Learn how to identify these barriers and work through some of the most common challenges such as pelvic pain, vaginal dryness, incontinence, back and SI joint pain, and postpartum depression.

Postpartum Exercise

Returning to exercise can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when complicated by busy schedules, new scars and unfamiliar pain. Learn about the warning signs to look for and work through the gradual exercise progression starting week 1 that will safely get you back to the fitness programs that you enjoy.

10 Module Premium Course

Special Considerations After Cesarean Delivery

In the United States, 33% of babies are delivered with a cesarean delivery. Often the essential parts of recovery including creating a healthy environment for healing, scar mobilization, recommended activity restrictions, and safe ways to return to exercise and sex aren’t included in our follow-up visits with our providers. This lesson covers all of these things and more.

Perineal Tearing and Episiotomy Considerations

All perineal trauma is unique and so are the recoveries. Learn how to protect your perineum while it heals, ways to perform a scar massage, and how to strengthen your pelvic floor so you can get back to feeling like yourself.

How to Measure Diastasis Recti

Everybody is talking about diastasis recti which might make you curious if you have one too. Learn how to do a simple self-assessment along with some basic ways to manage your abdominal separation.