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Your order is almost ready. But first I want to share with you how I’m helping hundreds of women prepare for postpartum with the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum.

Did you know that…

  • 100% of women have abdominal separation during pregnancy
  • 17-36% feel pain with intercourse at 6 months postpartum
  • 15% are diagnosed with postpartum depression

Participating in Mama’s Perineal Protection Program will protect your body during your pregnancy, but how do you plan to manage postpartum pain, weakness, and hormone imbalance AFTER your baby is born?

mom with newborn baby

Feel Confident In Your Postpartum Skin in Just 6 Weeks

Like many other women, after the birth of my first son I felt broken, overwhelmed, and guilty and I couldn’t fully enjoy snuggling my baby.

But after the birth of my 3rd son, thanks to the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum, I can love myself and my brand new baby. Even after sleepless nights and during bathing suit season! 

mom with husband and 3 kids

And Allow Me To Introduce You To Kara

When Kara came to me she had just delivered her 2nd baby by c-section. 

She had lots of experience with being a mother, but she was still feeling very weak and overwhelmed by motherhood. 

But now, thanks to this guide, she feels confident, physically strong, and mentally balanced. 

kara mom of 2

Here's exactly what you'll get when you upgrade your order today...

The Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum is a 6 week step-by-step guide that will have you thriving during the early postpartum months.

Each week you’ll get highly effective ways to improve your strength and balance your hormones with helpful videos and simple checklists. 

I know how hard it can be to find time and energy for yourself when you have a newborn. And I know how overwhelmed and frustrated you feel when you don’t have any time to take care of yourself. 

That’s why we created the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum. 

Not only are the exercises and tips safe and healthy, this guide is also full of the most effective movements and nourishment we have found during our 10+ years of experience as postpartum specialists. This guide builds core and pelvic floor strength, replenishes depleted minerals, and creates mental peace by balancing your hormones.

This holistic approach considers your mental and physical well-being.

You’ve never seen anything like this.

Once you start nourishing your mind and body, you’ll wonder how any mom has survived postpartum without this guide.  

Restore your energy, strengthen your core, and regain balance of your hormones after pregnancy with THIS guide.

You'll experience...


Healing of Diastasis Recti and Prolapse


The boost in metabolism needed for weightloss.


Improved mental health with balanced hormones. 

Nourished Mama's Guide to Postpartum Sample Pages

This complete 6 week step-by-step guide gives you the nourishment you need to thrive after your baby is born. You won’t neglect you OR your baby’s needs because of exhaustion. And you won't accidentally do influencer ab exercises that are making your diastasis recti worse.

And here’s the best part. We’ve included lots of information and modifications that will make this guide effective for the mama’s who have delivered their babies by c-section and those that have had vaginal deliveries. There is no “right way” to give birth.

We will come alongside you and meet you where you’re at. No matter how easy or hard your recovery has been. 

Simply start with us on Week One and feel your mind and body become nourished. Follow these simple steps to regain your energy, strength, and postpartum happiness. 

That’s what you’ll get with the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum. 

But that’s not all you’re getting because I’m also including a free special bonus for you today.




FREE Bonus #1 - Recipe Book ($27 Value)

You’re going to get all of the nourishing recipes that we use and recommend for our in-person clients. 

You may not want to spend hours searching Pinterest for what you hope are the healthiest postpartum recipes.

But every hungry mama wants to feed their bodies (and babies) nutrient dense foods.

Lots of mamas experience brain-fog, fatigue, and afternoon crashes. But nourished mama’s make adrenal cocktails and jump back into mom-life without missing a beat. 

Sometimes you need grab-and-go foods and sometimes your partner offers to make you dinner. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or something in between, the 70 page Nourished Mama’s Recipe Book has you covered with its nutrient dense recipes. 

Imagine having your favorite smoothie recipe bookmarked and ready when your supportive partner asks what they can make for you. 

You’ll find yourself full of energy and a lot less moody after filling up your tank with foods that maintain blood sugar balance.


FREE Bonus #2 - Video Demonstrations For EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE ($49 Value)

Hundreds of times we’ve taken notes on something and then 2 days later looked back and had no idea what we were supposed to do. 

But sometimes we get smart and take a video of the whole process. Then when we look back we can follow along with the video and start back up right where we left off. 

We think exercises can be really confusing with just words and pictures, so Dr. Nicole has included video demonstrations of each exercise within the 6 week postpartum exercise program. 

If you’re on your phone or computer just click the exercise and you’ll be taken directly to a video of the exercise. If you have your printed guide out and want to see the videos, just put your phone up to the printed QR code and be taken directly to a video of the exercise. 

So to Recap…

Here’s Everything You’re Getting In The Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum

When you add the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum to your order today, you’ll get access to the electronic and printed version of the Guide in addition to Mama’s Perineal Protection Program that you just ordered. 

That means you’ll receive:

  • A printed and electronic version of our step-by-step 6 week postpartum guide along with the Bonus Postpartum Prep section.
  • Our 70 page Nourished Mama’s Recipe book to keep you fed and energized.
  • Video demonstrations for every exercise within the 6 week pelvic floor and core strengthening program.
  • And of course modifications to keep mamas safe after c-section and vaginal deliveries.

And here’s the best part…

Nourished Mama's Guide to Postpartum products

You Can Get Confident In Your Postpartum Body AND Nourish It At The SAME Time!

taking notes by computer
  • Build core strength with our 6 week exercise program.

  • Stop incontinence and heal prolapse by reconnecting with your pelvic floor.

  • Support depleted postpartum nutrients with our nourishing recipes

  • Heal perineal scars and cesarean incisions with our care tips. 

  • Identify red flags indicating that your body is NOT healing correctly

  • Balance your hormones with holistic remedies

  • Improve mental health with better sleep and more sunlight

  • I know that’s a lot of promises, but after working with hundreds of postpartum clients, we’ve seen so many lives be changed using this approach.

    Our hope is that you'll feel energized, strong, hormonally balanced and truly supported as a whole person after completing this program.  Your body is working incredibly hard.  You deserve the opportunity to be a Nourished Mama!

    Time to get the Nourished Mama’s Guide To Postpartum into your hands. Let me show you how to claim your copy today.

    Alright, How Much Does It Cost?

    The Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum normally retails for $225. And that’s a great deal for everything that’s included in this complete, holistic postpartum program.

    Working with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and a Holistic Hormone Coach 1 on 1 would cost upwards of $900 for 6 weeks of care. This guide is packed with valuable information for a fraction of the cost. 

    But since you purchased Mama’s Perineal Protection Program today, we're going to make you a special offer we’ve never made before. You won’t have to pay $225 for this program. 

    When you add the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum to your order today, you can do so for just $147

    And your one-time payment today gets you not only an electronic version that you can download today, but also a printed book that’s yours to keep forever. 

    Nourished Mamas

    Guide to postpartum 

    was $225

    NOW $147

    Nourished Mama's Guide to Postpartum products

    WARNING: This Is Your Only Chance To Pick Up The Nourished Mama's Guide To Postpartum At This HUGE Discount

    Full disclosure, this is a one time offer and you will NOT see this guide offered at this price ever again. 

    In fact, many of you will leave this page and then email me later to see if you can still get this offer.

    It will break my heart to say no, but in fairness to others who have taken advantage of this specially priced offer, I will have to stick to my word. 

    So if you want to take advantage of this great deal on the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum, this is your only chance.


    As always, your order is backed by our no-risk, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    If, for any reason, you aren't happy with the Nourished Mama's Guide to Postpartum, contact us and we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Plus you get to keep the guide. No return labels, no trips to the store, and no hassle for you.

    So here's what's next...

    If you’re ready to lose your baby weight and knockout prolapse or diastsis recti-all while keeping your hormones balanced and your nutrients replenished without wasting another minute scrolling for recommendations that may or may not be from an expert…then scroll down this page and simply choose to add the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum to your order. 

    I know you're going to feel rested and replenished when you complete this 6 week program. 

    So go ahead and add the Nourished Mama’s Guide to Postpartum to your order by clicking the button below. 

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